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This two-year development project comprises four partner meetings that are placed in the start of each of the four main phases of the project: 

   First 3-days meeting, 30 Sept - 2 Oct 2009 in Malmø, Sweden

   Second 2-days meeting, 1 – 2 june 2010 in Copenhagen, Denmark

   Third 3-days meeting, 31 Aug – 2 Sept 2010 in Torshavn, Faroe Islands    Fourth 3-days meeting, May 2011 in Rite, Latvia  


First meeting - main items of the agenda were 

·   Presentation round - organisations and persons

·   Present, discuss and clarify the project plan

·   Present and discuss learning theory and pedagogical terminology

·   Clarify practical and economical conditions for the project work 

·   Discuss and adopt a detail task plan of the first phase 

·   Evaluation of the first meeting

 Read the minutes of the first meeting - click here.

 Second meeting - main items of the agenda were

·   Clarify the conclusions of the survey (work package 2 and 3)

·   Clarify the questionnaire for the online‐tool (work package 5 and 6)

·   Adopt a detail task plan for the second phase( work package 5 - 7)

·   Evaluation of the first project phase

·   Evaluation of the second meeting  

   Read the minutes of the second meeting - clich here.

 Third meeting - main items of the agenda were

·   Status of budget and  work programme

·   Discuss and adopt a questionnaire for the online tool

·   Present and try a pilot version of the online tool

·   Adopt a detail task plan of the third phase

·   Evaluation of the second project phase 

·   Evaluation of the the third meeting 

 Read the minutes of the third meeting - click here.

Fourth meeting - main items of the agenda were

·   Status of budget and work programme 

   ·   Evaluation of third phase and fourth phases valorisation

   ·   Plan the last dissemination and exploitation task of the fourth phase

   ·   Evaluation of the whole project  

   ·   Discuss possible continuation of the project after the funding period

   ·   Recommendations to the final project reporting  

   ·   Evaluation of the fourth meeting

       Read the minutes of the fourth meeting - click here.



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