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The aim of the survey is to map the learning qualities and outcomes in the activities of the organisations of the project consortium. The survey methods include a common questionnaire and interviews primarily with the learners (students and participants) and secondary with the learning providers (leaders, board members, teachers ans other staff.

The results of the survey will be analysed and presented in the Project Report.  

The tasks of the survey include

1. Mapping of qualities and outcome of the the learning, Sept – Nov 2009

   1.1 The coordinator prepares questionnaires and interview guide

   1.2 The partners translate the questionnaires

   1.3 The partners collect representative answers on the questionnaires

   1.4 The Partners complete interviews with transscription

   1.5 The partners present memos on learning profiles of their organisation

2. Report on qualities and outcome of learning, Nov - Dec 2009

   2.1 The coordinator analysis data 

   2.2 Dialogue in the partnership on the survey results

   2.3 The coordinator prepare a draft report


The survey used questionnaires with learners and learning providers, guidelines for interview, and a template ob the learning profile of the organisations - these means can be seen here (Danish editions): 

  Arbejdspakke 2-1, præsentation af mission og læringsmål

   Arbejdspakke 2-2, spørgeskema for elever og deltagere

   Arbejdspakke 2-3, spørgeskema for ledere og lærere

   Arbejdspakke 2-4, guideline for interviews


   The Report on goals, qualities and outcomes of learning can be found in

   the menu "Publications" - see here.







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Ove Korsgaard

It is no longer the idea of a connection between liberal enlightenment and the people’s sovereignty, but adult education and the global economy that characterises the new ideas of lifelong learning.



Ove Korsgaard, professor

at the Danish University of Education, and president of AWE. Quotation from Education and Democracy, 1998



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