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The overall aim of the fourth and last project phase in the Spring 2011 is to complete a comprehensive dissemination and exploitation of the results, including oneday meetings presenting the results in each participating country. 

In this phase we will present our methodology of learning validation, the survey documentation of learning qualities and outcome, and the new online tools for learning validation. Other organisations from the area of liberal adult education and voluntary associations will be informed about the possibilities to get their own edition of the tool.  

The dissemination and exploitation in the spring 2011 include: 

1. Dissemination of the results, March - May 2011

    1.1  Plan the onedays meetings in each country, February 2011

    1.2  Present the results in own organisations, March - April 2011

    1.3  Present the resuts to the other target groups, March - April 2011

2. Exploitation of the results , April - June 2011

    2.1  Complete the onedays meetings, Maj 2011 

    2.2  Follow up on the meetings, May - June 2011

    2.3  Present the results in newsletters and articles, May - June 2011





Try the new online tool - click here 



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Dissemination and exploitation