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NOVA - Nordic Tools for Learning Validation is a Nordplus Adult  development project in 2009 - 2011 supported by Nordic Council of Ministers.


The partnership circle consists of 

  Interfolk, institut for civilsamfund (DK),

  Oplysningsforbundet NETOP-Hvidovre (DK),

  Landskrona afdeling af Forening Norden i Sverige (SE),

  Norges Husflidslag (NO),

  The Green Cultural Association (FI),

  Thorshavns Aftenskole (FO),

  og Rite Højskole (LV).


The overall aim is to develop new methods and tools for validation of the outcome of the non-formal and informal  learning in liberal adult education and voluntary associations. These new methods use a comprehensive view on learning as comprising both personal formation, knowledge and skills, and transversal competences. 


The objectives are 

-  to map the qualities and outcomes of learning in the partnership's

   activities by questionnaires and interviews with learners as well as

   learning providers. The results of the survey will be presented in the

   first project report.  

-  to develop a questionnaire for learning validation and launch seven

   different online tools that are adapted to the organisations specific

   needs and goals. This development process will be presented in the

   second project report. 

-  to disseminate the results of the project and to provide other Nordic and

   Baltic organisations from the area of liberal adult education and voluntary

   association a easy and cheep posibility for having their own edition of the

   online tool. 


It is the purpose that the project can promote a humanistic and democratic approach to lifelong learning in the area of liberal adult education and voluntary associations in civil society. 







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Václav Havel

It is growing ever more evident that what human beings need in order to behave fully sensible on

this planet is precisely education, education in the widest sense of the word, education as a lifelong maturation as a reflexion of the World   (..) as a lifelong journey to wisdom

From Havels Video Greeting to the opening of the Nordic-European Academy, Oct. 2005 in Askov, Denmark


See and hear Havels video greeting here.


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