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The liberation from hunger and hardship does not necessarily imply

liberation from bondage and degradation, because there exists no automati-cally development between labour and interaction.


Theorie des kommunikativen Handelns, 1981







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Grundtvig pilot courses 












Objectives, content and target groups

The objective is to complete two week courses respectively a pilot Grundtvig in-service training course and a pilot Grundtvig workshop in the spring 2011. Each course will have a number of 14 – 16 participants.

The two courses will focus on valuation of qualities and outcome of the art based learning in amateur culture associations. The content of the courses will include the use the pilot tools for personal and organisational learning, the report on learning qualities and the compendia of best practise.

The target groups for the Grundtvig workshop are leaders and other active in amateur art and voluntary culture; and trhe target groups for the Grundtvig in-service training course are teachers, facilitators and other pedagogical staff in in amateur art and voluntary culture.

An integrated part of the courses will be in dialogue with the participants to develop know how on the learning needs and priorities of possible target groups from the art based voluntary associations. The aim is after the conclusion of the project that the consortium can offer such week courses as part of the Grundtvig in-service training programme and the Grundtvig Workshop programme.



Further information

The two courses were completed in Ljubljana, Slovenia in the period 29 May - 3 June 2011.



    The programme of the pilot Grundtvig workshop here

    The programme of the pilot Grundtvig in-service course here

        List of participants, the pilot Grundtvig work  

        List of participants, the pilot Grundtvig in-service course 

        List of instructors, both courses    


Download the course materials here

    The Compendium of Best Practise

    An article on the learning view in the Loac Project  

    Questionnaire I, presentation of organisation

    Questionnaire II, presentation of Best Practise 

    Questionnaire III, presentation of core values

    Questionnaire for participants' evaluation of the courses


Download powerpoints presentations by speakers at the courses 

    PP on learning view and outcome, by Hans Jørgen Vodsgaard

      PP on cross-national cooperation, by Marjeta Turk

    PP on the Dice Comenius multilateral project, by Matjaz Šmalc

    Link to the movie from the festival Kunstfactor Live, Mw. Wies 

    Rosenboom showed during the session of good practice


The succeding Course Compendium includes presentation of the programmes, evaluations and recommendations for the pilot Grundtvig in-service Training Course and the pilot Grundtvig Workshop.

     Download the Course Compendium here