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The pilot gruindtvig courses in Ljubjana June 2001 has been completed - more info


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Václav Havel



It is growing ever more evident that what human beings need in order to behave fully sensible on this planet is precisely education, education in the widest sense of the word, education as a lifelong maturation as a reflexion of the World (..) as a lifelong journey to wisdom

Havel, Video Geeting to the opening of Nordic - European Academy, October 2005


See and hear Havels video greeting here.


Interfolk is a non-profit organisation based on individuals sharing an interest in the Nordic Grundtvigian tradition of liberal adult education.  


Interfolk overall aim is to contribute to popular enlightenment and active citizenship in the context of liberal adult education, voluntary associations and cultural activities in the civic society.


The activities include research, surveys and development projects, seminars and debate, and other cultural activities in a Danish, Nordic, European and wider international context. 


The partners of cooperation are primarily from the area of liberal adult education, voluntary associations and culture activities in the civil society, and secondary from the area of public educatioon and culture. 


A handout presenting Interfolk kan be downloaded here.

Miro: The wall of the moon, 1958